Resources: RISC OS System Programming

Useful Links

Program Downloads | File Portal

Click on the File Portal link above and be directed to the registration page (note the instructions there for unpacking them). Enter your email address and a user name and you’ll receive an email with a direct link to the source files.

Errata Pages | Errata

Click on the Errata link above to be directed to the erratta pages for the book.

Quick Reference Cards | ARM  | VFP

Click on the relevant link above to open a pdf containing instruction set details for the ARM, Thumb and Vector Floating Point operations Save these onto you computer for printing or future reference.

RISC OS Sites | Gerph | FileTypes | FAT32FS  | Acorn Arcade |

A variety of good sites to loose yourself in. Gerph is fantastic reading especially if you want to lean more about the history of RISC OS development. Acorn Arcade has lost of good programs and practical news and views.

Raspberry Pi | Broadcom Datasheet | StrongHelp Manuals

The Broadcom Datasheet has all the GPIO and other SoC data you need. The links opens a PDF so save a copy somewhere safe. The StrongHelp link will take you to a list of zip files you can download and install for use with StrongHelp.

Programming Languages | Charm | RiscLua

Charm and RiscLua are just two of the new wave of programming languages available on RISC OS Pi. Charm makes extensive use of the VFP Co-processor.