FREE PDF – Interfacing Projects for the BBC Micro

Posted on September 5, 2000

My second book, published in tandem with BBC Micro Assembly Language (although with different publishers), is available for download as a PDF file.  Interfacing Projects for the BBC Micro was published by Addison Wesley and was the first book that showed how to construct projects to connect and control using a popular microcomputer.

At 134 pages it was a relatively thin tome but that hid the huge amount of work and effort that went into it. Some of the projects were quite exciting for the time it was written – using my friends drawing board as an X-Y Plotter was by far my favorite.

This is the second in a number of ‘Retro Computing’ books that I will be releasing. These will include a mixture of PDF files and also eBook versions of publications with associated program listings.

For more information and a link to download the book, click here