FREE PDF – BBC Micro Assembly Language

Posted on January 10, 2014

My first book, published in 1983, is available for download as a PDF file from Bookfunnel.

This book was commissioned withing a few weeks of Interfacing Projects for the BBC Micro. I approached Chester-based Shiva Publishing with the idea and after a meeting at their offices the book was contracted.

Running to 210 pages the book details how to program 6502 machine code on the BBC Micro using the inbuilt BBC BASIC Assembler.

The book was all hand written, as at the time I still could not afford to buy even a dot-matrix printer.

It is provided free-of-charge and without warranty as part of my Retro Computing series of titles covering a number of the popular 1980s home computers.

The book was delivered towards the end of 1983 and was published in February 1984.

You can download a FREE PDF version of this book by clicking here.