THIRD EDITION: Revised and Updated.
Highbury is the story of Arsenal Stadium. It is also the story of Arsenal at Highbury. Every football ground is special but some are more special than others — Highbury certainly comes into that latter category and this book provides Arsenal fans around the world with a complete keepsake of the ground the club called home for over 90 years.

Many other teams, games and sports have also graced Highbury. The first recorded cricket match under floodlights, Baseball, Rugby Union, Hockey and World Championship Boxing for starters. The stadium has featured in films and books.

This Third Edition is updated and contains new information and, ten years on, asks “Was the move from Highbury worth it?”

As detailed a history of the Gunners as you could ever read…Smith has created a fitting tribute to a stage that produced live drama for nearly a century – Hampstead and Highgate Express


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