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Happy Halloween Update

31 Oct


halloween1I CANT believe it’s over a a year since I last posted – as I say this is an occasional blog! However the next item will explain part of the reason…

31 October 2016
Contact Responses
My apologies to anyone who has contacted me via the website or Facebook over the past few months. Due to illness I have been ‘offline’ for quite a while and have not in a position to reply to questions or comments. I will slowly work my way through all outstanding queries over the next few months. There is a fair backlog so it may take a while. Thanks for your understanding.

31 October 2016
Raspbian Assembly Language Beginners
Edition 3 of the book has been on sale for a few months now. This covers Raspberry Pi 3, 2, 1 and Zero. Amazon does not allow the date of publication to be updated, thus the current date on the site of publication is 19 Aug 2013. I control the files that are utilised for the book and I keep these all current. So what you order should always be the latest edition of the book. Please download the program files to ensure you have the latest version if you are having issues with functionality. Download Program Files

31 October 2016
Raspberry Pi Insider Guide
The current edition of this title covers the all models including models A, B, A+, B+,2. It was written before the release of the Raspberry Pi 3. That said the look of the initial start-up screen has changed. The functionality largely remains the same so the descriptions therein remain applicable. Another area of change is in the start-up process where latest releases of the Raspbian software boot to the Desktop and by-pass the original configuration process. However, the configuration coverage remains relevant as users may wish to alter their Raspberry Pi seatings at some point.