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Free Book PDFs

24 Sep



ScannedBooksOver the past months I have managed to organise myself to do something that has been in my head for a couple of years. No not a sanity check, although that might still be on the cards – but getting the text and substance of some of my pre-Print-On-Demand books into an electronic format.

These are books that were published prior to 2004 before the whole eBook and self-publishing era got full on. Whilst I did author many of them (all but two in fact) using a wordprocessor the original text has long since washed away (the first two were written long-hand – blue ink on A4 ruled pages!).

I found a local company here in Sydney to do the first ten books of my choice and I now have these as both PDF and text files. I had hoped to use the text files to create eBook versions however, the technology (and also some of the fonts used in those original books) does not allow for a perfectly clean and accurate file to be produced. There is no regular consistency to the ‘errors’ so all the files require a lot of editing. I am not sure they will appear as eBooks anytime soon. However, the PDFs are very usable so I have started to make these available via my website, free of charge. Currently there are four BBC Micro and Amiga related titles available.

Titles currently available are:

  • BBC Micro Assembly Language
  • Interfacing Projects for the BBC Micro
  • Advanced Sideways RAM User Guide
  • Total Amiga Workbench


Some of the others coming soon can be seen in the attached photo.

I know that many who have downloaded these already have found them of use applying their contents to the keyboards of aging BBC Micro’s and Amiga’s they still own. But anyone who is interested in the world of 8-bit computing might find them interesting and can experiment with them by running corresponding emulator software on their current flavour of computer – PC or Mac for example. Alternatively you may just have a nagging curiosity to learn about the hardware and software that charged the biggest take-up in home technology history has seen.

From my point of view I just like to think that these files will be of interest to future generations and I keen to get them out there in the interweb and beyond the cloud.