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NEW: Latest Edition

Brand new Fourth Edition. Bigger, better and ideal for all models of the Raspberry Pi! The ultimate guide to assembly language on your Pi.
“This edition is the most complete and the only one a reader needs to purchase. It is a very good tutorial textbook...”
Covers use of the new Raspberry Pi Operating System including the GPIO port, the VFP and Neon coprocessors. Based on the best selling Raspbian edition, now even better!  Available in printed and eBook form. More>> 

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Best Raspberry Pi OS

“Great book. I learned the origins of RISC OS and general usage of OS.”
Raspberry Pi RISC OS System Programming shows you how to get the most from RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi. Aimed at those wishing to learn how to program the RISC Operating System. 
This book takes the lid off one of the first Operating Systems to use the ARM chip and reveals how to get the most from it.
The books includes plenty of examples  you can try for yourself. More >>

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Machine Code from BASIC

“Information well presented, I am a fan of RISC OS. Bruce has a very readable style of writing.”
Raspberry Pi Assembly Language RISC OS is a Hands-On-Guide to learning to program ARM assembly language on the Raspberry Pi using the BBC Basic running on RISC OS.
You can become an accomplished and confident programmer by following the examples and applying them yourself. The book continues through to more advanced topics, and the GPIO interface.
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FREE eBook Download!

“Best Raspberry Pi Beginners Book so far.”
This book was last updated in January 2015. Since then there have been significant changes to the look and feel of the Desktop and also new Raspberry Pi models released. Much of the content of this book is still relevant but may, in some cases, be accessed slightly differently. As such, the eBook version is being  offered totally free of charge.
The print edition of the book is still available at Amazon at a low price.
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ARM Based Computers

“I have found this book to be an excellent read. I have learned a great deal about ARM.”
A complete guide to learning ARM programming. This comprehensive volume is applicable to all current 32-bit ARM architectures including ARMv7 and ARMv8. This includes the processors available on most Single Board Computers currently available.  Program examples are  are written using the freely availab le GCC Assembler and Compiler. It covers all aspects of the ARM instruction set. More>>

News & Information

Hardback:  Raspberry Pi OS Assembly Language is available as a laminated hardback in certain regions. 
Russian Language: Raspberry Pi OS Assembly Language  is to be translated into Russian!
St Petersburg-based publishing house BHV have aquired the Russian Language rights.

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