FREE PDF – Advanced Sideways RAM User Guide

The Advanced Sidewayss RAM User Guide is available for download as a PDF file – free of charge!

At 230 pages it is a complete guide to using the Sideways RAM/ROM technology that is a unique part of the BBC Micro design. The secrets of Acorn’s ROM Filing System (RFS) are laid open to you and explained in full with numerous examples- there’s even a ROM formatter, developed by the author for use on commercial software, ready for you to type in and use.

This book is one of a number of free PDFs that form my  ‘Retro Computing’ series of books covering the BBC and Amiga computers.

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VIEW: A Dabhand Guide

Published in 1987 it brought with it perhaps the best reviewer quote ever in computer publishing. Writing in the September 1987 edition of Acorn User, reviewer Bill Penfold said, “This is the first computer book I’ve read in bed for pleasure rather than to cure insomnia.”  Love it, Mr Penfold.

Speaking on BBC Radio London, John Allen said, “It’s very good… I liked it very much.”

This is the most comprehensive tutorial and reference guide written about the VIEW wordprocessor.

This PDF is provided free-of-charge and without warranty as part of my Retro Computing series of titles covering a number of the popular 1980s home computers.

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