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Stadium & Arena Management was launched in 1996. The first pan global magazine aimed specifically at those managing facilities. As editor for the first four years of its life and then editor-at-large since the magazine has sought to differentiate itself from the competitive media by producing editorial which is of practical use and value to Managers in their day-to-day work.
Published Alad Limited world wide to those meeting specific criteria and was also available on a subscription basis. Since the end of 2008 it has been available as a digital edition.
It has been a policy of the Publishers not to follow the pattern of faithfully reproduced superficial lightweight press releases or internet sound bites masquerading as in-depth industry coverage. Instead editorial content is commissioned, researched and produced independently. Current subscribers to Stadium & Arena Management magazine come from key decision makers in the industry. This includes: Stadium Arena Owners and Directors, Operations Directors, Stadium Arena Facility Directors and Managers, Local and National Government Authority Officers, Safety Officers, Police and Fire Service Officers, Security and Safety Managers, International Sports Authority Personnel (eg, IOC, FIFA, UEFA, F1), Licensing Supervisors.
The magazine is also a source of information for architects, consultants, contractors and specialist product and service providers. The magazine has long been produced with the support of a number of representative bodies. These include ESMA (European Stadium Managers Association) UKSMA (UK Stadium Managers Association) and the SMA (Stadium Managers Association). For more details check out the magazine website at: